Domestic and International Disputes

LCAM provides domestic and international arbitration services. Our panel is made up of a hand-picked selection of diverse and highly-distinguished arbitrators.


For Resolving Disputes

The Rules provide for the resolution of disputes by the institution on a competitive fixed fee basis for administration on an ad-valoren basis.
Fixed-Fee Administration
To manage your arbitration costs, our administration fees are low, and fixed, providing you with certainty from the outset.
Competitive Arbitrator Fees
Our arbitrators’ fees are based on a fixed hourly amount, related to the claim value, rather than on an ad-valorem scale.
Blockchain Technology
We use blockchain technology powered by MARCO (built by Finboot) to provide our clients with a confidential process.

Arbitration Rules


The rules offer a balance between flexibility, efficiency, and speed. The rules assure parties a neutral framework to resolve commercial disputes.
Fixed-Fee and Share our Arbitration Rules
LCAM is the body responsible for the administration of disputes in accordance with the LCAM Arbitration Rules.

Our Fees

Clear and Transparent

Administration fees are low, and fixed, providing you with certainty from the outset.
Download and Share our Arbitration Fees
The arbitrator’s fees and the Chamber’s administrative charges are fixed amounts.