Model Contract Clauses

Empowering your Business

We have carefully drafted the following model contract clauses for use in commercial contracts. These clauses aim to provide parties with a process to manage and resolve disputes quickly, efficiently, and cost-effectively.


A Simpler Way to Resolving a Dispute

When drafting clauses, care must be taken to avoid ambiguity. The model clauses provide that, should the parties to a contract become involved in a dispute, they should endeavor to resolve it through ADR.
Our contract clauses put parties in a better position to attempt to resolve disputes in a constructive and efficient way.
Disputes often have a negative impact on a business. An effective clause redirects the parties towards finding a solution.
Puts the parties in control. We recommend an escalation clause in every contract to give clear choice and process.

Model Clauses

Defining the Process

The following model contract clauses are for use in commercial contracts.
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For parties who would like future disputes referred to arbitration, expedited arbitration or mediation under LCAM.