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Arbitrating in the Pandemic

The pandemic has affected us all but whatever deprivations we have each suffered, the pandemic has changed, and possibly for the better, arbitration procedure. The pandemic has shown the arbitration community that life can go on much as it did before albeit with...

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Arbitration in 2020/2021 and beyond

The last year has been extraordinary. However, the rollout of the COVID-19 vaccines gives fresh hope that there may soon be a transition to a new state of affairs (a “new normal”, as it is often called). What that will look like is difficult to see, especially because...

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Mediation in England & Wales: Past, Present, and Future

Past: The early push for mediation Over the years, the English judiciary has increasingly encouraged parties to settle their disputes via alternative dispute resolution ("ADR"). In 1994, Lord Woolf was appointed to find a solution capable of reducing the cost, delay...

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Cost Effective Arbitration under the LCAM Arbitration Rules

After a dispute arises and a business seeks legal advice, one of the first questions is usually “how much is this going to cost me?”. Pursuing or defending a claim in arbitration proceedings is a big financial risk for companies and effective cost management is...

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Post-Covid commercial claims need conciliatory conclusions

Kathryn Britten, Managing Director at AlixPartners has written this article on the need for more mutually beneficial approaches to settling commercial disputes. An essential part of building back better will require fairer, less adversarial dispute resolution....

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